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Central Region
FespacoInfluenced by the capitol, Ouagadougou, and by towns like Koudougou and Tenkodogo, this region offers opportunities for business tourism and conferences with numerous possibilities for side trips to places like the Nazinga game ranch, the home of the explorer Binger in Tiakane, and the pong for sacred crocodiles in Sabou. [Read more...]
Eastern Region
MontagneThis is the best region in Burkina Faso for hunting, with about three million acres of protected land where you will find recently constructed facilities which enhance opportunities for hunting, sight-seeing and similar activities. [Read more...]
Western Region
MosquéeLand of rich diversity: music, dance, ceremonial rituals, Bobo, Senoufo, Lobi, Dagara architecture, Loropeni ruins, petroglyphs, Sindou peaks....so many diverse peoples, cultures, traditions and ecosystems which make the West a rich and varied region-whose attractions are worth more than a detour. [Read more...]
Northern Region
Paillote peuleIt offers to travelers unexpected sites distinguished by a climate of semi-desert typical of the Sahel and Sudan. These sites will make you dream. You will be filled with wonder at the sand dunes of Oursi, which resemble the Sahara, and in their midst a superb lake several miles long which seems to defy all logic. Several other sites are worth a visit: Oasis of Djouga, the Ban, the banks of the Beli River, the ornithological reserve in the Sahel in which dwell members of the nomadic Peulh or camel-riding Touaregs.[Read more...]
Southern Region
Habitation de type kassenaThis region covers a large area south and west of the capitol. The area near of Po is known for its valleys where you find high cliffs and the highest peak known as Nahouri. [Read more...]

Sites touristiques de la région du nord

Région du nord

Dans cette partie du pays, nous avons comme sites touristiques:

  • le marché de gorom gorom (tous les jeudis)
  • Le bon desert de Oursi et Minigou,avec une ballade en dromadaire
  • Le beau village de Doris avec son marché qui a lieu chaque vendredi
  • le Marché à oursi avec plein d'oiseaux migrateurs
  • les peintures rupestres de Poupé mangao, les rochés d’Arbinda
  • Ouahigouya , tombeau de Naba kango ,le chef qui est connu par sa bravoure
  • 15 km de Ouahigouya ,le village Tangaye avec ses deux jolies colines collés. (l'une noire et l'autre blanche).
  • Region de Boucle de Mouhon (Dédougou),nous avons les jolies maisons des Bobo