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Central Region
FespacoInfluenced by the capitol, Ouagadougou, and by towns like Koudougou and Tenkodogo, this region offers opportunities for business tourism and conferences with numerous possibilities for side trips to places like the Nazinga game ranch, the home of the explorer Binger in Tiakane, and the pong for sacred crocodiles in Sabou. [Read more...]
Eastern Region
MontagneThis is the best region in Burkina Faso for hunting, with about three million acres of protected land where you will find recently constructed facilities which enhance opportunities for hunting, sight-seeing and similar activities. [Read more...]
Western Region
MosquéeLand of rich diversity: music, dance, ceremonial rituals, Bobo, Senoufo, Lobi, Dagara architecture, Loropeni ruins, petroglyphs, Sindou peaks....so many diverse peoples, cultures, traditions and ecosystems which make the West a rich and varied region-whose attractions are worth more than a detour. [Read more...]
Northern Region
Paillote peuleIt offers to travelers unexpected sites distinguished by a climate of semi-desert typical of the Sahel and Sudan. These sites will make you dream. You will be filled with wonder at the sand dunes of Oursi, which resemble the Sahara, and in their midst a superb lake several miles long which seems to defy all logic. Several other sites are worth a visit: Oasis of Djouga, the Ban, the banks of the Beli River, the ornithological reserve in the Sahel in which dwell members of the nomadic Peulh or camel-riding Touaregs.[Read more...]
Southern Region
Habitation de type kassenaThis region covers a large area south and west of the capitol. The area near of Po is known for its valleys where you find high cliffs and the highest peak known as Nahouri. [Read more...]


Our Sightseeing Trips

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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso: Central Region
This is a region of important discoveries and business tourism; it includes Ouagoudougou, the country's capital.
The region possesses curiosities which attract many visitors.
  • Traditional type architecture.
  • A trip to the area surrounding Ouagadougou to see the Museum of Manega which contains examples of all aspects of the culture of Burkina Faso including 60 ethnic groups and 60 languages as well as traditional masks.
  • The stone sculptures of Laongo expressing their unique outlook.
  • Burkina Park where you can see all the wild animals of Africa.
  • The crocodiles of Bazoule.
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Burkina Faso: Western and Southern regions: Lobi and Senufo country
Lobi and Senufo country at the crossroads of Ghana and the Ivory Coast: These cast a reflection on Burkina Faso.
As you ride through it you will discover ancient traditional villages and customs.
  • Animist religious practices.
  • Dense jungles.
  • Fortified towns.
  • Bracelets of marble and ivory.
  • Hunting bows and quivers.
Waterfalls, pinasse, granite cliffs and domes, masks and statuettes an arrow's flight away....
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Burkina Faso: Northweast region-The Sahel
Ouaga, Bani, Dori, Gorom, Markoye-Tin-Akof-Oursi
a very rich area whole inhabitants are nomadic herders, Touareg, Bella and Peulh.
Markets which are patchworks of color, sound, and rhythms, the great game of selling and smiling. Teapots and glasses of tea. A field for dancing between sky and earth with Sahel dwellers. While crossing the land you will appreciate its unique beauty, with its small trees all the same height and which are mostly thorn-trees.
Many nomadic herders, behind their flocks, keep the Sahel alive. Here the Sahel is characterized b plains, by sand dunes, by oases and historic sites. You can take a camel ride into the dunes of Minigou or Oursi to spend the night under a spectacularly starry sky.
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Southeast Region-Wild animals, hunters and customs (Pendjari Game Park)
This is a region where the hunting is exceptional; it is a hunter's paradise, a sportsman's dream.
Wild animals; scouting and tracking; wide-eyed ambushes …silence... You will encounter antelopes, lions, elephants and birds of many colors. Your objective may be to find the animal in order to get a better look at it. Imagine two lion cubs so close you could almost touch them, and animals fast moving or in suspended animation.
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Trip to the Sahel and Dogon Country: Sand and Rock
The Sahel, an immense territory with sharp contrasts, crossed by the River Niger which provides a link between different tribes: the Peulh, Songhai, Touareg, Dogon, Della, Maure, Bozo, all of whom have mingled for centuries. Thus each morning will provide opportunities to come into contact with another world and with a different way of life.
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Trip to the Northwest, including Mali: Dogon country and the Niger River.
Ouagadougou, Arbinda, Djibo, Ouahigouya, Mopti, Djénné, Bandiagara, Sangha.
Protruding cliffs, a walk in the labyrinth of crumbling rock.
Stopping at sacred sites, sanctuaries and altars, viewing carved masks and sculpted doors.
Dogon country call out to us-and to you.
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